Saturday, April 6, 2013

main themes from WWI to the present

in no particular order:

  • resistance to capitalism
  • repressive Cold War culture and its impact on gender, race, class, activism and life in general
  • representation (documentaries, photographs) of oppressed people as sites of social construction and subversion
  • Old Left vs New Left
  • fighting globalization
  • activism, especially activism that involves people laboring under multiple forms of oppression
  • relationships between race and class; deconstructing social categories
  • sexuality becomes an issue when everything else is in flux
  • figuring out how empire intersects with internal divisions of race and class (this is a major AMS project in the 1990s and 2000s)
  • the 1930s
  • the 1960s, both from the perspective of the people who were there and the people who weren't.
  • structures of power determine the forms of resistance; infrapolitics, turbulence, mass protests
  • SMOs and whether they're good or bad
  • nuclear technology, WWII, the Cold War, propaganda, the Culture Industry, and American exceptionalism
  • people need physical spaces in which to exercise our democratic rights
  • are we fighting for democracy or for something beyond capitalism?  or maybe these are the same thing?
  • consolidation of industry, agrarian manhood?

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